Wacoal 853167 Bra DISCOUNT

July 31st, 2012

Wacoal 853167 Bra Wonderful!

I bought one of these from a brick and mortar store a year ago and have worn in a couple of times a week since then. It’s still in great shape and does the job! I am one of those “full figured gals” and tough to fit; although not advertised as a minimizer, it works well for that purpose.

Wacoal 853167 Bra Very Comfortable – Great Fit.

I went to a large department store for a bra fitting and purchased my first Wacoal Awareness bra. They say that most women do not wear the right size bra and I found that I was in that category. What a difference it makes when you know how they are supposed to fit. I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable the Wacoal Awareness bra was. After my first purchase and knowing my size, I was able to buy this same item online. Amazon is of course great!! They had the item and it was in my hands in 2 days.
If you are looking for (need) excellent support, don’t mess around with a cheap bra. Spend the money and get high quality. It is SO worth it. I am really pleased with this item and will definitely be buying more.

Wacoal 853167 Bra Incredible Comfort.

After being fitted and purchasing this bra at a retail store, I bought a second one through Amazon. It is the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn. It helped to know the size to order as I had to go up one cup size. The straps are so comfortable; very slight padding keeps them from rubbing against my shoulder bones. In spite of the high price, I love my Wacoal bras. They look and feel like new after years of wear. For the reviewer who didn’t like the strap and back style, there is another Wacoal bra that looks identical in front but has leotard-style straps with a back that isn’t as narrow and is not straight across. Amazon also carries that style; I believe it is Wacoal style number 85567. Thank you, Amazon, for carrying these bras.

Wacoal 854191 Bra REVIEWS

July 31st, 2012

Wacoal 854191 Bra Comfortable and supportive.

I was super nervous ordering a bra online since I often have to try on many to find a good fit; but this bra was perfect! I have a hard time finding my size in stores, and a sales lady at a big name lingerie store once told me that a 36c and a 34d were the same size, so not true. I would definitely recommend!

Wacoal 854191 Bra I never thought a strapless bra could work for my figure, but this does the job.

I didn’t actually expect too much out of a strapless bra in my size, but I have a dress that I’d really like to wear a strapless with, so I took the plunge when I saw FreshPair selling a couple of Wacoal strapless bras at about 50% off retail.

What I didn’t know, from the Amazon description, is that both of the two Wacoal items I ordered from FreshPair were NO RETURNS (considered clearance.) I wouldn’t have purchased both if I’d known this ahead of time, but, happily, Wacoal sizing didn’t let me down and I don’t mind keeping both. I will be more careful when ordering from FreshPair in the future, however.

Between this bra and the Wacoal Women’s Custom Contours Convertible Contour Strapless #65442, on my figure, the Embrace Lace Strapless feels more secure. Frankly, I never thought I would own a strapless bra that really felt like it was lifting me up and staying in place. I think this is a pretty special product for the full-figure bra market.

As a lady with an ample bosom, these Wacoal strapless items are far and away the most thickly padded bras I’ve ever owned. I’m assuming this helps keep things in place, but I did find it really amusing to be buying my first padded bra in my late 30′s…

The Embrace Lace Strapless comes up pretty high at the sides and is visible under some tops with larger armholes. I think the higher sides are a large part of why I feel so secure in this bra, however. You will probably want the color of this bra to be the same as your top if it has wide armholes, because it may peek out.

I haven’t worn either bra out of the house, but I thought a review was worth writing since I could directly compare the two similar items by the same great bra manufacturer.

Wacoal 85814 Bra SALE

July 31st, 2012

Wacoal 85814 Bra Very satisfied.

I love this product. I read earlier negatives about “made in China.” No problem. Quality and fit are excellent. Will purchase more.

Wacoal 85814 Best Bra Ever

This is the best, most comfortable bra I have ever owned. It has Wacoal quality and great, great fit. I have a smallish back but need large cups. I have always had trouble, but Wacoal always seems to come through. This is even better than usual. The bra is simlply the best. I will be ordering more as soon as I can.

Good fit.

I have purchased this bra prior to this purchase. The shipping was free, thank God cause it took forever!!!! The bra is so perfect, fit shape style, it’s a winner!!

Wacoal 85814 Bra Mother’s Gift.

My mother died in 1990 and I received her 5 new Wacoal bras. Here it is now 2010 and I am still wearing them. They are expensive but they last forever. They have enlarged their selection now to include sports, sexy, for t-shirts, daytime, whatever. That is the only bra i wear so you know they hold up extremely well. How many bras have you bought in 20 years? How much money have you spent for bras that became shapeless after a year? You don’t have to take special care of them, I haven’t. I throw them in the washer on gentle and they come out fine. I would not wear any other kind. I probably would not have bought them in the first place if she hadn’t told me about them and even then I thought she was being very expansive with her money. There has been nothing go wrong with anyone of them. She also told me that the lace ones will hold out longer (?) I didn’t believe that but she was right again. The lace holds up so fine, I’m sure if I had taken extra special care of them as the others tell you to, they would look brand new. As it is they look about six months old. I’m talking about 5 bras in 20 years ladies. I have not worn the panties but I’m sure they hold up well also. They are still beautiful, the new ones are even more beautiful. They now have a bra for all occasions. The ones that are completely lace look brand new. The straps have not stretched and no problems with the back. I can’t say more about these than they are gorgeous and will not wear out. Forget the price and go for a tough, well made bra.

Wacoal 85814 Bra Gentle On Your Breasts

This is an excellent bra that supports women with average to busty breasts. This particular bra is made of very soft material and has attractive lace on the straps and between the cups so as to emphasize its femininity. I love this bra and find it meets my individual needs. I have several different styles of Wacoal bras and have been quite pleased with each one. Wacoal products tend to run true to size and bras and panties are their forte. This bra is worth every penny and it ends up paying for itself as Wacoal products, with the proper care can last a lifetime.

Wacoal 857109 BRA REVIEWS

July 31st, 2012

Wacoal 857109 Bra Finally a minimizer that fits!

I have searched for a good fitting minimizer bra ever since Bali discontinued the one I liked-finally I found it! I had never heard of Wacoal but thought I’d give it a try. This bra is very flattering as it offers great support and gives a natural-looking lift. Best of all, it fits in all the right places so there is no bulging. All this and it’s comfortable too!

Wacoal 857109 Bra great fitting bra.

Wacoal does it again! Great fitting bra. Since I was fit for a Wacoal bra a little while ago at a major department store, I know I can get the same fit and product here at a much lower price than the dept store and I only had to wait one day before I had it in my hands.

Wacoal 857109 Bra Best ever makes me feel like I am 12 again.

Great product that can take plenty of abuse. Hand wash as long as possible and you will get years out of this product. And it makes me feel young again…. more importantly it is repairing years of damage done by poor fiting bras…


Wacoal Absolutely Fabulous Underwire Bra DISCOUNT!!

February 29th, 2012

Wacoal Absolutely Fabulous Underwire Bra

Fashion demi wire with lace and mesh cups.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #85064 in Apparel & Accessories
  • Brand: Wacoal
  • Fabric type: Body: 78% nylon
  • Dimensions: .25 pounds


  • Lined mesh wings for support.
  • Stretch straps with full adjustment.

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